Now you've either officially finished the session booking process for your senior session or you're trying to figure out how this all works. I've created a step by step process for planning and booking your senior session that will hopefully pull it all together for you. It's important that we put thought into all of the categories that I will discuss in the steps below. These steps ultimately make your session uniquely you, inspire creativity, and help with communicating your style and expectations with your senior session. Be sure to visit the Resources page, the blog, or my Facebook page for more helpful information and my latest work.

When you are about to start the session booking process be sure to think about the season you'd like to book in. The most common time is Summer, Fall, and sometime Winter. You will want to ask your school when senior photos are due because this can also affect when you can book your senior session. Just keep in mind that the editing process is 4-5 weeks in the summer and fall. 

After you have figured out the when part you can go ahead with the session booking process. It is so important that you call and book your session in advance especially if you have a small window to get your session done. The summer and fall are my busiest times of the year with weddings and of course senior sessions! Just contact me when you are ready to check availability. Then, follow the steps of the session booking process and you'll be set!

I'm sure that most of you have already created a Pinterest board or at least have a Pinterest and know how to use it. If not, its easy, and you'll catch on! The reason I want you to create a "mood board" is so that you can keep all of your ideas in one place that I can visit and refer to when preparing for your session. It helps me to see and understand what styles and poses you like. Be sure to pin 50% my photos and 50% other photographers photos. It's important that I understand what it is you like about my work but of course bringing in other photographers work is great for inspiration and new ideas. To pin my photos, hover over a photo on my website, and a Pinterest icon should appear in the top left corner of the photo. Click the icon and follow the next steps.

One of the hardest parts for most seniors is choosing a location. Try your best to think of a cool spot you know of around town that you would like to shoot at. You can even go for a drive to find a spot that no one else will shoot if you're looking to be completely original and unique. If you aren't too concerned with location or just need a little help, I have created a list of location recommendations that should do the trick. You will be given a description of each location to give you a better understanding of the scenery. Remember, 30 minute sessions and one hour sessions are allowed one location. Two hour sessions are allowed up to two locations. Choosing two locations gives us a ton of room for creativity and variety. I highly recommend it!

This step is super important. I always tell seniors that it helps to incorporate things that you love. It can be reading, swimming, sports, music, animals, whatever!! It makes the session unique and helps tell a story. If you can't think of any way to incorporate something that you love just send me an email/text and lets talk about it! If you aren't interested in customizing it and would simply like beautiful portraits, we can just do that too!! It is totally up to you. This is your senior session. Have fun with it!:)

Now for the fun part! Wardrobe is the reason that most seniors, especially girls, go with the two hour session. It allows for a few wardrobe changes and an awesome amount of variety! Of course you can still have a wardrobe change with the one hour session, but i recommend keeping it under 2 changes, so that we do not cut into the session too much. Thirty minute sessions are not allowed a wardrobe change, as we are limited on time, and need as much shooting time as possible. To sum it up, 30 minutes = No changes, One hour = 1-2 changes, and Two Hours = 2-3 changes. As for hair and makeup, I always recommend that you get it done professionally, if possible. If it is not in the budget or thats just not you, no problem! You need to feel comfortable and thats my only concern. My only tips for you are to go for a more natural look with makeup and go easy on the heat damage/hair spray. Too much heat and or hair spray can cause a fly away madness.